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  • For Installation Call us on 9668 8022
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Hydronic Heating

Hydronic heating is the most pleasant form of central heating, which as the name suggests, works on re-circulating water heated by a natural gas or LPG fired boiler.

The water is circulated from the boiler into radiators, skirting board convectors or fan convectors located strategically around the house. The size and type of radiators and/or convectors determine the amount of heat provided. One of the many benefits that hydronic heating offers, is that each radiator and convector can be individually thermostatically controlled, providing the ultimate in comfort for each room. Living areas can be warmer than bedrooms. Unused rooms can be switched off or kept at a lower temperature by just turning a knob.

Hydronic heating is also modular. Once a boiler of appropriate size is installed, you are able to add radiators and/or convectors as required. If you build an extension, or renovate, you simply plumb the area and add radiators/convectors as required.

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